The Pools

4 panel diagram
Modular Lap Pool Components

Modular Above Ground Lap Pool construction is straightforward, thus allowing for greater customization and site location flexibility at a very reasonable Price point!


Bottom and Side Layout






Here is a first step layout of the bottom and side components. The great feature of modular design is the efficient use of available space!


sidewall connect
Bottom and end sidewalls mockup


Checking the build for Modular Integrity. Here are the bottom, and sidewalls with and end section setup.






assembled length
The Assembled Lap Pool!


Here we have the components of the Modular Lap Pool assembled. The length of your Pool depends on your space requirements. We build Lap Pools in 30′-40′-50′-75′ lengths.

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Jason pool in progress
An Assembled Lap Pool on Site


Above Ground Lap Pools PRICING

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